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Simon Steil is currently working on his Steil family Genealogy.


I am the lone survivor from the family deportations from Belgium. The convoy details can be found in Serge Klarsfeld's book on the Belgian deportations. I was at Aishe-en-Refaile as detailed in Sylvain Brachfeld's book, and then in hiding in PERWEZ, a small town south of Brussels.

The elderly couple was very good to me and for some unknown reason I was with them until 1948, when HIAS placed me in an orphanage in Antwerp. There a distant relative found me and notified an aunt ,Mollie Eisig nee FINEL, that I had survived.

I came to the US on May 22nd 1950. Recently, I have found additional distant relatives in Helsinki and in Oregon.

I would like to know as much as possible about my parents, my brother and my other relatives. Perhaps there are still living relatives I do not know about?

If you have any information about Steil's from Lviv or you have any questions for Simon Steil regarding his genealogical research you can drop him an email.

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